• Miss Pamela

The Joy of Cheer!

Cheerleading is a great psychical sport and we are lucky enough to have some talented cheerleaders here at Oban Dance Academy,

Cheerleading is an athletic discipline which improves confidence, co-ordination, and flexibility as well as encouraging team work. We have found it to be a great way for children to get more involved in physical activity. Even children that don’t enjoy ‘traditional’ sports and activities or aren’t particularly athletic seem to really enjoy cheerleading as it is by nature, a fun activity.

Our cheerleaders work super hard in their classes and alot of them attend our stretch and flex program which has shown massive results in all the classes the attend.

At Oban Dance Academy we run 3 sets of cheer classes for ages 2 - 4, 4 - 6 and 6 - 12 and run on Fridays and Saturdays, 2020 will see an addition of age 12+ and adult cheer classes and are currently accepting names for the waiting lists.

In our classes we focus on routines with poms and have our own gymnastic coach who comes and teaches the students stunts and tumbling work.

We have lots of performances planned throughout the year including the Talent of Agyll and The World Stone Skimming Championships along with our yearly performance at the Corran Halls.

Contact us via email at to book in for these amazingly special classes.


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